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von franznap
Mo 12. Nov 2018, 13:52
Forum: Napoleonische Epoche / Napoleonic Era
Thema: Bridge
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Re: Bridge

more photos please, and can you send me some good pics to my email???..... thanxxxx
von franznap
So 12. Nov 2017, 15:07
Forum: Figurengalerie / Figur Gallery
Thema: Baden Jager Officer and his dog by Udo Spreng
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Baden Jager Officer and his dog by Udo Spreng

I have no words, Udo is definitely one of the indisputed masters of this scale. https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/23517598_1164503510349439_2475095240524936069_n.jpg?oh=666e24f80e1353c71e7f6494357c4fba&oe=5A649028 https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/23471951_1164503523682771_59...
von franznap
Fr 10. Nov 2017, 23:32
Forum: Figurenbemalung / Painting
Thema: Figurenbemalen
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Re: Figurenbemalen

I'm not a master painter but i'm satisfied with my outcome, i started with Humbrol in the 70's and after i moved to acrylics. I must say that you learn new things every day and so i see little improvements coming up with the experiment and the practice.I use mainly Valleyo because of the dispenser a...
von franznap
So 15. Okt 2017, 23:21
Forum: Napoleonische Epoche / Napoleonic Era
Thema: Russland 1812 ...
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Re: Russland 1812 ...

NO WORDS........
von franznap
Do 28. Sep 2017, 12:33
Forum: Projekt-Planungen / Planung stage
Thema: Der Schrecken des Krieges, Galgenbaum...
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Re: Der Schrecken des Krieges, Galgenbaum...

i have one naked plus several horse bodies standing and the grazing head to add..... so if you need some let me know.
All in metal
von franznap
Di 26. Sep 2017, 16:13
Forum: Figurenherstellung / Figur Productions
Thema: Don Quichotte fertig
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Re: Don Quichotte fertig

It is a master work, for who is used to do sculpting is very difficult to make so unique body shapes and so natural , sort of emotional poses.... we are talking here of a chef sculptor..... (i never had a doubt about...) bravo !!!!
von franznap
Sa 23. Sep 2017, 09:37
Forum: Figurenherstellung / Figur Productions
Thema: Bavarian Artillery Franznap Miniatures
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Bavarian Artillery Franznap Miniatures

Here the next new sets of the Bavarian Artillery by Franznap Miniatures, including the Manson Ordnance of 3 guns, 12pdr,6pdr,and 7pdr howitzer, plus wurst wagon and ammunition wagon, the horse train set, the drivers, and 3 crews, mounting the wurst, firing and loading, ending with a command staff. h...
von franznap
Mo 18. Sep 2017, 16:17
Forum: Antike / Ancient
Thema: Römische Thermen
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Re: Römische Thermen

Wonderful diorama.... Just one thing, roman women seems they where shaved ......... no pubic hairs.....
von franznap
Mi 13. Sep 2017, 18:49
Forum: Napoleonische Epoche / Napoleonic Era
Thema: Introduction/Präsentation
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Re: Introduction/Präsentation

Great to have you here in the Gotha of the 1/72 miniatures , you definitely deserve to be a member.