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von Cryns
Do 26. Sep 2019, 13:23
Forum: Sonstiges / Others
Thema: Patrick
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Re: Patrick

Hat Unserem Präsident heute Geburtstag? :o

Herzlichen Gluckwunschen lieber Patrick, von Wanda und Cryns
von Cryns
Mo 23. Sep 2019, 15:31
Forum: Antike / Ancient
Thema: Tyros 332 BC
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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Dear Stenfalk, Chris and Sansovino, I am very thankful for your extensive feedback on my many topics. It helps me to put my running-around-thoughts back into a steady order. I like the colors from picture 3 (AGS Set1). I am happy to read we have the same opinion here. This is my favourite too. Incre...
von Cryns
Mo 23. Sep 2019, 11:05
Forum: Figurenherstellung / Figur Productions
Thema: Ziegen für den Orient
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Re: Ziegen für den Orient

My dear Stenfalk, I am so sorry to hear you are forced to be out of activity again. Here a little contribution to your research... and to chear you up of course. Look what I have found in my archives: sheep and goat in Assyria compr.JPG Mehr Ziegen für den Orient! Well I have to admit I did not take...
von Cryns
Mo 23. Sep 2019, 10:16
Forum: 19.Jahrhundert / 19th Century
Thema: Solferino 1859
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Re: Solferino 1859

I have to ask you about that medieval tower, the most fascinating building in your village. It must be a fortified tower once owned by the most important family of the village, but now used for something different: there is a perforated dome on top of it which looks baroque or neo-classicist. But it...
von Cryns
Mo 23. Sep 2019, 10:01
Forum: 15.-18.Jahrhundert / 15th-18th century
Thema: Auf nach Pfeddersheim
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Re: Auf nach Pfeddersheim

Good morning Dirk, What a wonderful work. The Landsknechts are a very thankful subject for good painters like you and you made the very best out of it. Also you succeeded once again in making a nice background without attracting too much attention from the figurines in the front by using a quiet col...
von Cryns
Fr 20. Sep 2019, 18:05
Forum: Projekt-Planungen / Planung stage
Thema: Die Zeit König Salomons
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Re: Die Zeit König Salomons

Dear Taipeh, First of all it is great to see somebody (you!) is developing Jewish figurines for the early iron age. My compliments for that, to start with. I usually pay a lot of attention to what Frankzett has to say about ancient topics. He is my 'online archeologist'. He is 'our' archeaologist. U...
von Cryns
Fr 20. Sep 2019, 17:45
Forum: Napoleonische Epoche / Napoleonic Era
Thema: Die Preussen vor Wittenberg 1813
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Re: Die Preussen vor Wittenberg 1813

Dear Wittenberg, First of all thanks for writing in both German and English. An impressive group of new figurines you have bought. The poses look excellent for garrisson troops. The house, lasercut by Schulte, has a remarkable pattern in the windows: they are situated in a very uncommon way: not one...
von Cryns
Fr 20. Sep 2019, 17:33
Forum: Mittelalter / Middle Ages
Thema: Das Leben der Wikinger
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Re: Das Leben der Wikinger

Yes I like this model and the overall design of this house very much. Well done Torsten. Thanks for posting Wolfgang. question: - Why does this house have an L-shape groundplan? Whas that common (like on courner is the dwelling and the other one is the stable) or is this an exception? Regards, Cryns
von Cryns
Fr 20. Sep 2019, 17:23
Forum: Mittelalter / Middle Ages
Thema: Adson von Melk
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Re: Adson von Melk

Very nice work again Dirk. Also compliments to the designer/producer DioHistory. When I was Wien / Vienna I bought a second hand book about the great monastry in Melk wich is situated west of Vienna on the southern Donau bank I believe. Now this has little to do with your subject (which is only in t...
von Cryns
Fr 20. Sep 2019, 17:17
Forum: Mittelalter / Middle Ages
Thema: Wikinger
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Re: Wikinger

Dear Wolfgang,

I love it all.
Very fine buildings you made.
Do you make the twining (Flechtwerk) of the barn wall yourself?
And I love that ship, how you painted it. My compliments to its designer too. And to its producer Michael.

Regards, Cryns