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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von CARNUNTUM » Sa 3. Mär 2018, 10:32

Alle Achtung ! Das ist das Beste vom Besten !

Thomas Dürrschmidt
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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von Thomas Dürrschmidt » Sa 3. Mär 2018, 11:33

Absolut tolles Thema und klasse Umsetzung. Gefällt mir ausgezeichnet!

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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von Salaberry » Sa 3. Mär 2018, 13:38

OK, I'm officially drooling with admiration.
This is just brilliant.

Keep posting!


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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von Frankzett » Sa 3. Mär 2018, 15:22

...Und das sind alles aus dem Block herausgearbeitete Details, keine Abgüsse? - unglaublich! Auf den ersten Blick dachte ich an Styrodur o.ä.
Das ist natürlich schon ein ganz besonderes handwerkliches Niveau. Du hast Dir wirklich das anspruchsvollste Material für so ein Diorama vorgenommen!
Hast Du noch Bilder von weiteren Arbeitsschritten, insbesondere dem Maßwerk?

Viele Grüße

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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von AnobiumPunctatum » Sa 3. Mär 2018, 17:59

absolut großartiges Diorama
Schöne Grüße

"Behandle jedes Bauteil, als ob es ein eigenes Modell ist; auf diese Weise wirst Du mehr Modelle an einem Tag als andere in ihrem Leben fertig stellen."

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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von Cryns » Sa 3. Mär 2018, 18:50

Dear Florian,

My congratulations with your wonderful diorama. Respect for your very high skills of cutting architecture from (what I suppose) must be dentist gypsum.
As you noticed yourself its not a specific moment locked in time, but a scene with different stages of building such church in one: a bit of a romantic view. But a very good choice.
Very nice diorama all together. I love the way the scaffoldings are constructed around the white building and your system of getting all to the top with small ladders. Great detail: the bark still hanging around the pine tree scaffolding wood.

Have you ever seen the Cathedral building diorama in the Bajeux tappisserie Museum in Normandy?

Also I remember how Wolfgang Meyer presented to us pictures in the earliest participators list of the 1. Dioramica.
It showed a German man en woman with their cathedral construction diorama: more or less as you described as your first plan, it showed only the foundations and first level of stonework and lots of masons and stone cutters working the limestone blocks on the ground. Regrettably these people (or their diorama) did not make it to the 1. Dioramica.

Florian its a pitty you can not transport this. Have you thought of filling it all up with little foam chips to make collapsing of the arches impossible during transport? Would be great to have this at 2. Dioramica.

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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von CHRIS DODSON » So 4. Mär 2018, 06:07

My apologies as somehow I missed this fantastic scene.

Super original modelling and the arch work must be very fragile using plaster.

You have really captured the ' feel' of the thing in my opinion.

Well done indeed.


Florian K
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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von Florian K » So 4. Mär 2018, 20:41

Thank you all for your compliments. I still shot some details

Actually I used ordinary cheap gypsum for modelers bought in the DIY-store. It is a material easy to sculp with needles, knifes and sandpaper. The arches were sawn out. And best of all: Broken parts can be easily glued together and you can add, remove and correct gypsum as often as you want. But it is very heavy (ca. 2 kg) and a very dusty work... and not tranportable

Construction of windows seems to be very difficult but you only need compasses (Zirkel) for all different patterns. I found a lot of making offs in the internet.

The scaffolding (Baugerüst) was built out of matches, pins and toothpicks, which I carved and sanded. The rough surface finnaly got a thin washing and really looks like bark.

Historical Background:
The Saint Reinhold certainly was buried in a small chapel in my cathedral. He was shown with hammer, a dog and a bandage around his head. Because of many mysterious accidents his bones were soon sold to Beauvais Cathedral which collapsed shortly afterwards and was never finished.
DSC00665.JPG (138.86 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00664.JPG (148.71 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00663.JPG (127.77 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00662.JPG (131.18 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00691.JPG (146.5 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00675.JPG (134.97 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
015.jpg (84.12 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
014.jpg (99.09 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet

Florian K
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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von Florian K » So 4. Mär 2018, 20:45

noch ein paar Details
DSC00680.JPG (140.34 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00679.JPG (136.65 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00677.JPG (132.18 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet
DSC00669.JPG (173.79 KiB) 8071 mal betrachtet

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Re: Kathedralenbaustelle

Beitrag von R.Fischer » Mo 5. Mär 2018, 11:29

Kann mich nur anschließen - ein wirklich super Diorama!!!