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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Di 18. Aug 2020, 11:31
von StephB
Cryns hat geschrieben:
Do 13. Aug 2020, 14:27
I casted 8 of them to start with, here at bottom left in my stockpile.
Now this is really good news!

Dear Cryns, you have asked if I have ideas for further releases – and I do in fact.
So here is one suggestion: A Roman riverboat of the flat, elongated type that was used in the northern provinces. I’m thinking about the famous Zwammerdam boats, No. 6 in particular. This is a photo by Jona Lendering / made at the Museum in Mainz:


See also ... wammerdam/

And some more info is here: ... Zwammerdam ... -knowledge

Technically, it may be quite difficult to cast such a long boat in one piece. On the other hand, since it would be a waterline-model, it would automatically have support from below when it is put on the base plate. So I think it might be feasible to cast such a boat in parts to be assembled by the customer. What do you think?

Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Mi 19. Aug 2020, 10:26
von Cryns
Dear StephB,

Thanks for all your input!
I will be offline here for the next weeks.
But in September I will start a new topic about Roman River Ships and Crew.
So other members can join our debate too about what types of ships are on top of our wishlist, how to make them and how to produce copies.
Anyhow, a full range of Roman Riverboats and Crew are in my productionpipeline. Its just a matter of time.



Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Fr 21. Aug 2020, 21:52
von stenfalk
Dear Cryns,

Good news for the Romans in 1/72 scale! :D

Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Mo 12. Okt 2020, 12:47
von Cryns
Schilling-Figuren has cast 3 of my shipmodels in pewter/tin. Especially the raised sail of the small ships is a masterpiece-cast made by Schilling.
Hull, cargo and full sails are still cast by me in resin.

The idea behind casting these ships in pewter is to bring the price down for customers. At the same time it will save me lots of time that I would like to spend in designing new ships and crew.

These metal casts are not for sale yet. They will be soon.

Cryns005Kyreniaship.jpg (487.36 KiB) 428 mal betrachtet
Cryns006SmallAncientGreekCargoship.jpeg (156.81 KiB) 428 mal betrachtet
Cryns007SmallPhoenicianCargoship.jpg (501.42 KiB) 428 mal betrachtet

Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Mo 12. Okt 2020, 15:12
Hello Mr C.

Nice to see that your collaboration is proving successful.

Best wishes,


Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Mi 14. Okt 2020, 12:37
von Wolfgang
Das sieht sehr gut aus!

Ja, Schilling`s machen schon tolle Arbeit!

Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Sa 24. Okt 2020, 12:35
von Cryns
Dear Chris and Wolfgang, thanks for your nice replies :D


Recently I have been sculpting a few sets of new male dummies. The first group of them are men carrying cargo, loading or unloading a ship.
Carrying Men 1.jpeg
Carrying Men 1.jpeg (84.6 KiB) 334 mal betrachtet
Carrying Men 2.jpeg
Carrying Men 2.jpeg (70.04 KiB) 334 mal betrachtet
Carrying Men 3.jpeg
Carrying Men 3.jpeg (80.43 KiB) 334 mal betrachtet
Carrying Men 4.jpeg
Carrying Men 4.jpeg (92.03 KiB) 334 mal betrachtet
Carrying Men 5.jpeg
Carrying Men 5.jpeg (86.98 KiB) 334 mal betrachtet

Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: So 25. Okt 2020, 17:14
von stenfalk
It is exciting to see how straightforwardly and focussed you carry out your very complex work. Nothing has been not thought out, each part finds a place and complements the previous one. Stunning!

Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: So 25. Okt 2020, 17:21
von Wolfgang
Die Haltungen der Dummies sind sehr überzeugend!

Re: Tyros 332 BC

Verfasst: Mo 26. Okt 2020, 14:28
von Egbert
Dear Cryns,
your figures are a reflection of the nature and as always fantastic sculpted
Extremely realistic poses and postures.