Nikolai Produktion

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Re: Nikolai Produktion

Beitrag von DirkB » Fr 14. Apr 2023, 08:47

Michel hat geschrieben:
Fr 14. Apr 2023, 05:31

Antwort ist raus und die Figuren gehen heute auf die Reise!
Danke Dir, Michel. :)

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Re: Nikolai Produktion

Beitrag von Egbert » Sa 15. Apr 2023, 10:41

dirk hat geschrieben:
Mi 12. Apr 2023, 20:22
du hast mein vollstes Verständnis für deine Entscheidung, auch wenn es ein Verlust für die 1/72er-Welt bedeutet.
Falls ich aber mal etwas Spezielles suche, weiß ich, dass ich trotzdem bei dir anfragen kann ! ;) :P
Ja dem ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen...

Das ist sehr bedauerlich Erik...
aber die Gründe sind natürlich nachvollziehbar!
LG Egbert

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Re: Nikolai Produktion

Beitrag von Cryns » Mi 19. Apr 2023, 10:26

Dear Entrauner,

Your statement about discontinuation of Nikolai Production keeps running around my head for a week now. :o
I am really sorry to hear this for you. :(
And also for Crimerius who put much time and energy in the process too over the years.

What keeps me concerned is that Germania Figuren, for only a few years ago, approached me with the offer to take my ships and (maybe) figurines in production. I backed off from that proposal as soon as I understood the wooden and fabric masters that I make for my ships, will be destroyed by the process of moulding them in Poland.
Only to think about this: the production discontinued and my masters destroyed! It is a nightmare that runs through my head all the time.

Entrauner do you know where the silicone moulds of your masters are at the moment?
Who owns them?
Ore are the moulds destroyed too after casting 100 rounds with them?
But then there are still the first and most perfect casts of your figurines.
Do you have all of them in your posession?
Or are your masters still there?

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Re: Nikolai Produktion

Beitrag von entrauner » Do 20. Apr 2023, 11:31

dear Cryns,

I thank you for your empathic and compassionate words. but to tell you truth, although its so much fun to create these minis and to see them used in dioramas by various collegues, I still feel kind of released. without pressure and responsibility I now can take care of my personal plans and projects.

BTW, I was always used to the fact, that masters get distroyed from getting them out of the molds. but I made my own backup silicon molds from each item, before it was sent to the casting process. I didn't bother to get these other molds, because professional casting methods are usually completely different to my simple hand casting.

last but not least, the 3d technology is THE thing at the moment, even I use it a lot to realize what maybe wasn't possible in the past

I'm still on fire for our hobby and I'll try to keep it up as long as I can :)

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Re: Nikolai Produktion

Beitrag von Salaberry » So 30. Apr 2023, 01:47

Well, that's it, I've just succumbed.

Bought a bunch of your stuff - Renaissance figures, which I've never done before but better grab them while they are still available.
One more project for the coming years.

As they say: "thanks for the memories"! :D