You are welcome

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You are welcome

Beitrag von Patrick » Mo 31. Jul 2017, 19:29

Dear fellow modellers and guests,

welcome on the private diorama forum of our ‘History in Miniatures’ club.

Active participation in our forum is only for registered members, offering them the possibility to discuss their diorama projects and to present their work. Furthermore, the forum is supposed to help DIORAMICA participants to keep in touch and continue their exchange of ideas.

However, the forum also contains a comprehensive gallery and a large wip section on diorama building. So we would like to make these features accessible to all our fellow hobbyists out there, who are interested in making historical dioramas. Here you will also find advice how to solve problems in diorama building and where to purchase figures, model vehicles and all sorts of modelling accessories. Please adress vendours directly if you have questions on how to order.

So enjoy our gallery and the diorama wips.

On behalf of ‘History in Miniatures’,

Patrick Ullrich & Wolfgang Meyer