Tyros 332 BC

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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von Egbert » So 21. Jul 2019, 19:10

Oh my god,
what should I say…nothing...I'm speechless. :o
I've never seen anything like it.
Now I as layman understand even that confusion with the rigging.
LG Egbert

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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von Cryns » Mi 24. Jul 2019, 14:55

Stenfalk, Dirk and Egbert, thank you very much for the feedback and convincing me to take the rigging manual in use.

Here are 4 more sculpts in progress of men carrying cargo and leaning on the railing:

man b klein.JPG
man b klein.JPG (84.55 KiB) 2681 mal betrachtet
man c.JPG
man c.JPG (80.47 KiB) 2681 mal betrachtet
man d.JPG
man d.JPG (76.14 KiB) 2681 mal betrachtet
man f.JPG
man f.JPG (66.09 KiB) 2681 mal betrachtet

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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von Wolfgang » So 28. Jul 2019, 11:52

Klasse dynamische Körperhaltungen!
Liebe Grüße, Wolle


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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von Frankzett » Mo 29. Jul 2019, 08:37

With this zoom and all bodies naked, we can see your high quality craftmanship with this figurines. The anatomy with the muscles and joints are really nice defined - chapeau!


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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von Cryns » Mi 11. Sep 2019, 13:43

Dear Wolfgang and Frankzett, thanks for your nice replies.


Because of my two-step casting method, I am facing working metal more and more now I work with pewter dummies.
DSCN6153.JPG (199.17 KiB) 2464 mal betrachtet
DSCN6154.JPG (277.94 KiB) 2464 mal betrachtet
At first sight working metal seems more difficult than soft plastic, resin or putty.
But after a while it turns out that pewter and copper have some hidden possibilities.
Like it can be bent without moving back, like soft plastic does, while putty and resin snap off.
It can be cut with a knife and sawn (I use a jewelry jigsaw) in very tiny strips, for instance, for making separate fingers out of what was a massive hand (no.1 in the picture)
Or using the electric engraver as a turning lathe for working metal wire (no.2 in picture)
DSCN6160.JPG (436.21 KiB) 2464 mal betrachtet


A common problem is hands becoming bigger and bigger while sculpting the fingers. These fluteplaying hands were much reduced in size after taking this picture, before sending them to the caster:
DSCN6155.JPG (257.77 KiB) 2464 mal betrachtet


Sculpting sandals is something I was not successful with until now. Look at my attempt by using tiny strips of putty.
I was so proud of the result while looking through goggles.
DSCN6158 2.jpg
DSCN6158 2.jpg (268.43 KiB) 2464 mal betrachtet
DSCN6157.JPG (286.78 KiB) 2464 mal betrachtet
I will try to make sandals in a complete different way the next time.

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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von Egbert » Mi 11. Sep 2019, 15:06

Dear Cryns,
you have every reason to be proud about your work …
these are sensationally modeled figures.
The quality is getting better and better. :shock:
Chapeau :o
LG Egbert

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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von CHRIS DODSON » Mi 11. Sep 2019, 16:50

Hello Mr C, I feel your pain!

Your figures as stated before are inspirational.

However, I am well aware of the experience of creating something that looks good to the eye but upon photographic examination looks terrible.

As you know the eye compensates but the camera is merciless!

Nevertheless, keep up the good work, you are up there with the masters.

Best wishes,


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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von Cryns » Fr 20. Sep 2019, 15:54

Dear Chris and Egbert,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. :D

CM AGS SET1&2.jpg
CM AGS SET1&2.jpg (352.79 KiB) 2386 mal betrachtet

Schilling-Figuren has cast my first two sets of ancient Greek sailors. Last month I received them. It took them 4 months, from sending my masters to Germany to receiving the copies in Holland, but I am very happy with the quality of their forging work. As usually they returned all of my master figurines back and there was minimal damage to them. Damage like broken limbs is something that usually happens when opening the mould for the first time and part of the figurine gets stuck in the lower halve of the mould while the other part got stuck in the upper halve.

Also the communication, which is always in German language, and usually in the hands of Miss Schilling, is going very well because she is very clear in what she wants to know and why she is making decisions together with Mr. Schilling. Casting models and figurines is usually somthing thats hidden for most of us in far away working places. For me there are still many mysteries to solve and there is a lot to learn. While the professionals do often not realize how little the newcomers (like me) know, I keep wondering why very basic questions asked by newcomers are very often not answered by various professionals.

Like this one:
How many figurines go into one single casting mould?
For me an obvious question because the first amount I have to pay is for making one mould, not for the number of figurines that go inside or the number of copies that can be casted once that mould exists.
But nobody can or will answer that question on forehand. Of course there are many variables. The size of the mould, the poses of the figurines, the number of separated limbs and tools that come with every figurine and also the distribution of one or more figurine 'sets' in a single mould.

Well, as I understood it, for my 26 figurines 2 moulds had to be made so it is a set of 13 figurines per mould.
My way of thinking is BIG SETS of 20 to 30 different figurines.
For some reason sets of 4 tot 8 figurines are common in the world of scale 1:72 metal and resin figurines.... and I don't know why.
I just have to many different poses in my head to put only 5 or so poses in one set for selling.

Funny detail: every customer till now bought both sets at once which is 26 figurines. Some even bought several of both. Nobody bought only SET 1 or only SET 2

Comes my question again: why does everyone else sell such small sets of about 6 different figurines only?


My 12 different home casted resin sailors were presented fully painted a few months ago:
Ancient Greek Sailors resin painted.JPG
Ancient Greek Sailors resin painted.JPG (231.24 KiB) 2386 mal betrachtet
I tried to present them as perfect and attractive as possible. But how honest is this way of presenting a product?
The customer does not receive them painted. Which sounds obvious.
But also the customer can not see and will not know that most of my figurines have separate arms (limbs) that have to be glued to the torso.
And if a customer wants to reach perfection, he has to fill up (smoothen) the attachment seam with putty before he can paint it.

I still want to present my new models and figurines pictured fully painted or even as part of diorama's to gain interest.
But I think it is honest to show the pure, raw product as well, in the way a customer will receive it.
I tried several designs, showing my product in the most honest way with the most relevant information written on top of it.
AGS SET 1 compr.jpg
AGS SET 1 compr.jpg (849.97 KiB) 2386 mal betrachtet
DSCN6257 compr.jpg
DSCN6257 compr.jpg (990.97 KiB) 2386 mal betrachtet

But wat is pure and honest?
Is it fair to remove flesh before I photograph the metal cast figurines? Even if I do not remove flesh before sending a product to a customer?
Should I remove flesh from my product at all before shipping it to a customer? It cost me lots of hours at the moment, mostly with my resin ones but also with the metal figurines, to clean them before shipping them.
Do I have to attach the separated limbs before making the picture (like Massimo always does)
Do I have to use ink or color shade to make profiles better visible?
Is it correct to repair small sculpting- or casting mistakes before photographing the product?
Is it correct to photoshop those pictures with the computer before posting them online?

It is all questions about ethics in our hobby and our industry. I hear very few people discussing or critisizing this.

And a last question, maybe to the English native speaking members:
What is a proper translation of German Zinn or Dutch Tin?
Is that:
Tin (sounds logical but not commonly used)
Pewter (American word and it should be a mixture of 90% tin and some other metals)
White metal (imitation silver?)

Please leave your opinion, it will help me decide about these subects.

Thanks already,

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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von stenfalk » Sa 21. Sep 2019, 20:15

My dear Cryns,

it distinguishes you, that you are thinking so much about your sales packaging. But I think there is a very simple solution. Make it as you would if you wanted to acquire a set of figurines by a sculptor called Cryns. I think then you are on the right way. Maybe you will find something like a corporate design, something that is always found when it comes to "CRYNSMINIATUREN", something stand-alone. I like the colors from picture 3 (AGS Set1). But i can't speak for all, that's why you have to act better as I suggested. :)

I believe the circle you turn to with your figurines and shipmodels knows what is to expect. These people will certainly buy sets of 20 or 30 figures. Newcomers or beginners in the hobby you will not be able to entice, but the quality of your products requires too much experience and endurance. Sellers of smaller packaging, which I also count, might try to excite the smaller purses as well. So the customer can decide if he is satisfied with three figurines or later buys "supplementary sets". I think it's perfectly legitimate to go this way.

At least that's my opinion - maybe my thoughts will help you a little bit further.

I thank you also for your tips in the white shark topic. I have not responded to it because I'm having a bad time with my hands right now. At the moment I can not sculpt or otherwise do model building. I'll email you if I feel like talking about my thoughts and despair. I am very sad, it has hit me hard again.
Beste Grüße,



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Re: Tyros 332 BC

Beitrag von CHRIS DODSON » So 22. Sep 2019, 06:58

Hello Mr C.

Your lovely figures deserve the best!

Whilst being ethical is a great tribute to your integrity do not dilute the promotion too much.

Franznap figures are advertised painted to perfection but still need assembly upon purchase.

I would respective fully suggest a painted exhibition on the packet which will act as a guide to assembly and show the correct paint colours.

The term ‘ some assembly is required’ should be sufficient with a diagram of what is required inside the packet.

Best wishes,