Quatre Bras figures

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Quatre Bras figures

Beitrag von CHRIS DODSON » Do 28. Mär 2019, 08:53

I like my the fights to tell not only the main story but also the stories within the story.

As part of the composition process individual scenes help convey the human side of conflict and to this end I have constructed a Dutch militiaman lamenting the death of his friend.

The legs were Hat Dutch, the body a severely carved Airfix WW1 US machine gunner with a Hat Dutch Belgian milita hat on.


The straps are tissue paper with a Schilling back pack and musket to complete the assembly.


The straps when glued were trimmed to size.


I had a think and a Hagen head seemed not only more appropriate in the circumstances but added a bit of life to him.


Happy Modelling.


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Re: Quatre Bras figures

Beitrag von Frankzett » Fr 29. Mär 2019, 16:39

It is an good idea with this scenes within such dioramas.
But oh man! I know about such work with paper and cyanacrylate, and we see here it works indeed, I did some such things many years ago too. But when I try Magic Sculpt and Greenstuff I never changed back - it is so much easier to sculpt and to convert with these putty materials!